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Tomato Prices Rises to Rs.320 per kg in Karachi

tomato prices

Tomato prices rise up toRs.320 per kilo which left every single consumer in Karachi at the shock. Previously the price was Rs.160 per kg.

Greengrocers said that the price of onions in the wholesale market on the superhighway has risen to Rs.75-80 per Kilogram from Rs.60 in a single day.

A vendor in the FB area said, only 2 buyers have bought half kg’s of tomato each out of 12-15 customers, the other remaining consumers bought 250 gm due to the increase in the rate. He blamed the hike on the high wholesale rates of the tomato which increased to Rs.260-270 per kg from Rs.120-140 this Friday.

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According to him the reason behind the increased rates is that the supply of tomato from Swat and Quetta has slowed down as the sudden winter wave has destroyed the tomato crops.

The city government says that the rice of tomato on Friday was Rs.147 and on Saturday it went to Rs.199 per kg. And not a single item was available on official rates in the city.

There are some other vegetables like capsicum whose price has dropped down in the last week to Rs.240 from Rs.260-320 per kilogram.

Some other vegetables whose prices got dropped from Rs.100 -160 per kg include; ridge gourd (turrai) and bottle gourd (lokki) which came down to Rs.60. Then there is Tinda (apple gourd) whose price remained unchanged at Rs.100.

Cauliflower, carrot, turnip, brinjal, cabbage priced at Rs60-80 got reduced to Rs20-40 per kg.

Haji Shahjehan, the president of the Falahi Anjuman Wholesale Vegetable Market New Sabzi Mandi said that the Iranian tomato arrival has also stopped followed by the slow arrival of Baluchistan crop. Some of its quantity was coming from Kabul too. He disagreed with the wholesale rate of tomato at the mandi which is Rs.276-270 per kg and says that the vegetable dealers have quoted high rates in order to justify their retail price as the actual price was Rs.220 on Saturday.

He told the wholesale rate of onions which increased to Rs.75 from Rs.60.

The supply has been delayed which had to be delivered in October. The new supply will be delivered by the 3rd week of this month.

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