Tobacco Taxes in the Kingdom Led 213 Percent Smokers Seeking Help To Quit – Research Snipers

Tobacco Taxes in the Kingdom Led 213 Percent Smokers Seeking Help To Quit

Ever since the rise in tobacco prices announced on June 11, 2017, there had been a decrease in the count of smokers in the Kingdom. According to the statistical reports from the Ministry of Health, there has been a raised demand in Saudi Arab by the people who are willing to quit smoking.

The rate of people who are taking clinical help to quit smoking has risen by 213 % in just the past three months as compared to the last year’s statistics.

The head of the ministry’ smoking termination clinics, Sharifa Al-Zahrani said that applying taxes is the best possible way to help people who want to quit smoking, especially the youngsters.

The Head of Tobacco and Narcotics Combat Society, also called Kafa, Ibrahim Al-Hamdan while talking to Arab News said that applying taxes has proved the most effective way for terminating the smoking habit throughout the world. He told that excising taxes is a great initiative and brings successful results.

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He also added that in 2018 more such people would be reported who will be taking help from clinics for quitting smoking as taxes will not be removed. He also mentioned that during the last three-decade America’s smoking rate has decreased to 18 % from 40%.

Kafa would be working on two plans one would be the prevention and awareness drives in malls, public events and schools and the second would be of facilitating with treatments in clinics. Al-Hamdan further added that many people have voluntarily offered their help to Kafa by sharing their stories with the smokers.