Tobacco Kills 160,000 People in Pakistan every Year – Research Snipers

Tobacco Kills 160,000 People in Pakistan every Year

It has been revealed in a recent study that tobacco consumption claims lives of 160,000 people annually in Pakistan.

While speaking at the launch of “The Burden of Illicit Trade in Cigarettes in Islamabad” report, Dr. Nausheen Hamid disclosed this. FFO, a think tank operating on narcotics and tobacco control in Pakistan, prepared the research report.

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Dr. Nausheen revealed that even though tobacco was considered the most preventable causes of deaths globally, it has taken millions of lives.

She said, “In the country alone, the yearly deaths caused by tobacco consumption are 160,000.”

Adding, “The study reveals that Pakistan’s 23.9 million adult population uses tobacco in various forms.”

Dr. Nausheen said that a pilot study will aid the government in handling the burden of illegal trade of cigarettes in Islamabad. Furthermore it will also help in controlling usage of tobacco in Pakistan.

She said that the most important step is to impose heavy taxes on tobacco to reduce its demand.

She was satisfied that the graph of the illicit trade of cigarettes in the federal capital is just 15.95% per day.

She said that the statistics do get manipulated by the tobacco market to ensure favorable tax structures.

The report also says that if the cigarettes prices are increased consumers might shift to cheaper brands. According to the study, 61% smokers said that if the price went out of their range, they will quit or at least reduce smoking.

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