To obtain Home/Away controls on your Galaxy Watch, download the Google Home app

Google announced some of its latest features via its official blog; these features will be available for the Samsung Galaxy Watch along with other Wear OS-powered smartwatches. The “Winter 2023 features for Android” group of features includes the ability to manually set the home and away modes on the Wear OS Google Home app.

Owners of Wear OS smartwatches may now customize their Google Home app’s Home or Away state from the app’s top menu. You may now instruct your smart security gadgets to switch them on, lock their doors, and turn off their lights when you leave. This will be helpful in a lot of ways. Additionally, customers can conveniently dock or turn on their vacuums and other smart appliances right from their watch thanks to the enhanced controls.

Wear OS users may now use their smartwatch to initiate Assistant Routines

In addition to turning light groups on and off, the enhanced controls allow you to adjust their temperature and hue. Furthermore, Google has provided details on a future Wear OS feature called Google Assistant. Owners of Wear OS smartwatches will be able to start assistant routines directly from their watch thanks to this.

Saying “Hey Google, commuting to work” at any time of day can initiate a routine that assists you with finding your way to work, checking the weather, and hearing your schedule for the day. Additional new improvements mentioned in the blog include more Emoji keyboard combinations in Gboard and ten additional free channels for Google TV.

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