To be listed in the Google Play Store, Android apps must moderate AI content

It is the era of generative AI. More and more apps are adopting and incorporating the gen AI features at a rapid pace. It has made its way to even some of the best Android apps. We all know that AI has its own set of pros and cons. In an effort to protect users, the tech giant Google has asked Android app developers to moderate AI content in an appropriate way. The new changes will take effect from next year onward.

Notably, the company has introduced new developer policies. These policies revolve around generative AI. According to the company, “developers must provide a means to report or flag inappropriate AI-generated content without having to exit the app” by the beginning of next year. According to Google, it wants developers to utilize these reports to inform their apps’ content control and filtering. According to reports, this mechanism will function similarly to the current user-generated content in-app reporting system.

In addition to this, developers must abide by the company’s guidelines when it comes to preventing the generation of constrained content. The company explained this with examples that show that abuse, child exploitation content, and content that promotes deceptive behavior will be included in the restricted content list. The new policy guidelines are applicable to all apps that utilize AI features like image generators, chatbots, or AI voice or video generators.

Notably, the apps that use AI for content summarization or enhancing productivity are exempt from the new policy guidelines. In simple words, the regulation change does not apply to apps that contain material generated by artificial intelligence. Furthermore, the company is also modifying the app permissions.

The business commits to restrict photo and video access in apps going forward “for purposes directly related to app functionality.” This implies that general rights will only be granted to apps that require extensive access to these features. Apps that don’t commonly require these functionalities will be prompted to utilize a system picker.

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