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Titanic Victim’s Personal Letter Auctioned for a Record Price of 126,000 Pounds

A letter found on the dead body of one of the men who boarded Titanic was sold this Saturday at an auction for 126,000 pounds.

The personal letter retrieved was said to be the last known thing to have survived from the sinking ship and still have the marks of the time it spent in the Atlantic Ocean.

The letter was written by Alexander Oskar Holverson, a first-class passenger, having the descriptions about the Titanic and his first impression of the ship. He had praised the music and food provided on the ship.

The letter was written a day prior to the day the ship sank. It was also mentioned in the letter that if all goes as per plan then the ship would be reaching New York on Wednesday A.M.

Mary Alice, Holverson’s wife who was also on the board was among the survivors. Holverson was a Minnesota-born salesperson.

The auction was held by the Henry Aldridge & Son at Devizes- a Southern English town. The letter was sold by the Holverson family. The iron keys form the Titanic was also sold for seventy-six thousand pounds.

Andrew Aldridge who was the auctioneer mentioned that the costs at which the treasures of the sunk ship are sold depict the amount of interest it still caters and brings out in the people both for the ship and its passengers and crew.

He also expressed his happiness by saying that this auctioned letter has set new records for the Titanic letters we have ever brought in for auction.

In the letter, John Jacob Astor was also mentioned that he is boarding the ship. Astor was the American financier and real-estate investor. He was one of the richest people of that time. Holverson mentioned that Astor looks normal in comparison to the amount of money he has. He behaves like any other human being and sits on the deck with other passengers.

The Titanic tragedy occurred on April 14, 1912, on its voyage to New York from Southampton. It struck an iceberg and sank, resulting in one thousand and five hundred casualties.