Tips for Job Interview in Pakistan

Read the Job Description carefully:

Read and reread the job description. Do you fulfill the criteria or not? Make sure you are clear about it before you actually land for the interview.

Company & Post Info:

Make sure you check the company website for the interview. Also just skim and scan through the post details and questions that might be asked. Don’t overburden yourself, just be confident about yourself.

Be on Time:

You want a job, you are being called for an interview, the post is your need so it is your utmost responsibility to ‘Be on Time’ for the interview. This will be your first impression. In Pakistan, ‘On Time’ is taken lightly but you need to realize that if you want a job you have to be punctual.

Switch the phone off:

Yes, your phone might be the dearest thing to you, but before the interview starts kindly turn it off. This comes in basic manners, if the phone starts beeping in between the interview, your first impression will go down in the blink of an eye.

Dress Code:

Wear what you are comfortable with but that doesn’t mean that you go in slippers and night suit. In Pakistan, whether you prefer Shalwar Kameez or jeans shirt just make sure it is pressed and you are comfortable in it. As your comfort will boost your confidence.

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Be Honest, but Intelligent:     

Regardless of the country, company, and post for which you are going for the interview ‘Be Honest’. It is the essential quality as a human being and as an interviewee. But with honesty, intelligence is also important, for instance, if the interviewer asks a question that has two parts and you know the answer to just one part, don’t touch the part you have no knowledge about.

Non-Verbal Communication:

More than the verbal communication, your non-verbal cues leave a lot of impact on the interviewer. Your posture, hands, feet movement, facial expressions, the tone of voice is very important. Make sure everything is on point.

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Weakness and Strength:

In Pakistan & generally speaking, as well, this is a compulsory question asked in an interview, to tell about your strengths and weaknesses. Be prepared for this question beforehand.

How to answer the salary question?

A must asked question, in the end, is ‘What are your salary expectations?’

The best way to answer this question is ‘What are you willing to offer?’

Never bluntly say that I want this amount of money, always backfire this question back at the interviewer. The reason is that first, you should know how much the company will offer you and then make up your mind.

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