TikTok Usage Among Teenagers Equalizes YouTube Viewership In US, UK, and Spain


It’s getting tight for the top dog YouTube. TikTok has been quietly stalking itself since the beginning of the corona crisis: TikTok is now almost on par with YouTube when it comes to usage. This emerges from a new evaluation.

The new investigation comes from the security provider Qustodio, which has now published the results. According to this, kids in the USA, Great Britain, and Spain now spend almost as much time with TikTok as with YouTube – it should not be long before TikTok overtakes the video veteran. Children between the ages of four and 15 watched an average of 85 minutes a day of YouTube videos in the study. TikTok averages 80 minutes a day.

Online habits of 60,000 families examined

60,000 families with children aged four and over were surveyed. The evaluation includes online habits from February 2019 to April 2020 and thus also takes the corona crisis into account.

Not surprisingly, YouTube is still one of the most used applications among children and teenagers. You’re seeing twice as many videos a day today than four years ago. The app is used by 69 percent of children in the United States, 74 percent of children in the UK, and 88 percent of children in Spain. The extra app for younger children called “YouTube Kids” is only used by 7 percent of children in the USA and 10 percent of children in the UK. It is largely unknown in Spain.

During the COVID-19 ban, YouTube’s consumption increased significantly again. In the United States, for example, children spent 99 minutes a day on YouTube in mid-April.

From May 2019 to February 2020, on the other hand, the average user time at TikTok in the USA rose by 116 percent to 82 minutes, in the UK by 97 percent to 69 minutes and in Spain by 150 percent to 60 minutes. The level of awareness among the youngest is also increasing. In February 2020, 16.5 percent of US children used TikTok, just behind the 20.4 percent on Instagram and 16 percent on Snapchat. In the UK and Spain, 17.7 percent and 37.7 percent of children used TikTok, respectively.

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