TikTok Takeover Deadline Passed Without Any Agreement

The Chinese company Bytedance had until yesterday to sell its video app TikTok to a US company. However, the takeover has not yet taken place. Although no agreement could be reached, users should still be able to use the app.

A few months ago, the US government classified the portal as a threat to national security, as Bytedance is said to have forwarded data from TikTok users to Chinese authorities. Therefore, it has been decreed that the service will be banned in the United States unless the application is sold to a US company.

Originally, the Trump administration had stipulated in August that TikTok would be banned in the US from November 12 if the app was not sold to an American company. This date has already been extended several times and was most recently postponed to December 4th. According to Cnet, this deadline has now passed without an agreement between Bytedance and the US government.

Talks are currently still ongoing

While Bytedance has not officially commented on the current status of the negotiations, a spokesman for the US Treasury Department has emphasized that the talks are still ongoing despite the expired deadline. It is therefore conceivable that the deadline will be extended again in the coming days. Whether and when an agreement will be reached is still fairly unclear at this point in time.

Despite the elapsed deadline, US TikTok users still have the opportunity to access the platform for the time being. Around one hundred million users would be affected by a ban. In addition, there should be no further sanctions against Bytedance for the time being.