TikTok Shares Community Guidelines In Urdu for Pakistani Users


TikTok has shared community guidelines for Pakistani users. The Chinese application has updated the app with the community guidelines in Urdu, as reported by Bol News.

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority previously warned of placing a ban on TikTok in Pakistan.

Some basic rules have been set for the content creation that would assist in creating a beneficial experience on TikTok for its users.

This measure was a needed one to give assurance to the government of Pakistan that the platform would never indulge in promoting stuff that could challenge the values of Pakistan.

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Many of the Pakistani celebrities have joined the TikTok application for increasing awareness about how to make most from the app and how to create content.

Zhalay Sarhadi, a prominent actress has asked the users of the app to not make fun of others and to report the negative content. She further urged people that instead of introducing campaigns against them, the app users should report them on the TikTok app. She further added that doing so would lead to the deletion of their content by the firm.

On the other hand, Hira Mani another emerging name of the showbiz industry has advised people to give weightage to the safety instructions while content creation. She emphasized that the community guidelines are also available in Urdu so that every Pakistani could easily comprehend them.

Another celebrity figure, Azfar Rehman has asked the TikTok users to not spread fake news and to always have the sense to distinguish between right and wrong.

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