TikTok search is getting more powerful

Although Google has long reigned supreme in the world of internet searches, it has recently come under serious threat from an unexpected source. TikTok, a big video-sharing platform, has recently caused Google some trouble. So, according to 9To5Google, Google searches will be added to TikTok.

Google makes a huge profit from the ads that appear on its search results page. This is why TikTok’s status as a top search engine is having an impact on the business. With elderly users, it’s less of a problem. However, TikTok is the most popular search engine among Gen Z and younger users. This has caused Google some issues, as has the threat posed by ChatGPT.

TikTok might incorporate Google search to its platform

Onescu, a member of Twitter, posted a screenshot of TikTok on the social media website. On the screenshot, we can see several TikTok search results. Native TikTok search results are displayed at the top, while a button inviting users to conduct a Google search for the same query is displayed beneath them.

Another screenshot shows a disclaimer that TikTok has posted. It states, “TikTok does not endorse or take responsibility for search results from Google.” This is a technique to inform people that everything they find is a result of Google. Google is therefore responsible for any hazardous content that is discovered through the search, not TikTok.

We’re unsure if TikTok or Google made this choice. It appears likely to belong to the latter. More people will use TikTok to search as it continues to gain popularity. It would be preferable to collaborate with the app rather than fight it.

We still don’t know certain specifics. TikTok acknowledged that it is now trying this in a few markets. The nature of those markets is unknown to us. We’ll have to wait and watch how this functionality changes.

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