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TikTok Partners with Pakistani digital ad agency ‘Jack of Digital’

TikTok has made an announcement of a partnership with Pakistani digital ad agency Jack of Digital. Under the partnership, Jack of Digital would be the advertising sales partner of TikTok in Pakistan.

A press release stated, “The partnership framework will enable advertisers in Pakistan to utilize the full potential of the platform. They will provide local payment solutions and work with advertisers to enhance their knowledge of available advertising products on TikTok.”

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According to the agreement Jack of Digital will have local payment solutions. They will work with advertisers to boost the available advertising product knowledge on TikTok.

​”TikTok is an amazing platform and offers tremendous value for advertisers in Pakistan because of its popularity with the masses. As a result of this partnership, Pakistani advertisers will have access to new online advertising formats that no other platform can offer.”

The general manager for Global Business Solutions at TikTok Shant Oknayan said that the short video-sharing application has become quite popular in Pakistan. Also with the aid of Jack of Digital, it will “enable local advertisers to better understand the opportunities on TikTok and meaningfully engage with the community”. 

In an earlier article Research Snipers reported that TikTok has shared community guidelines for Pakistani users. Some basic rules have been set for the content creation that would assist in creating a beneficial experience on TikTok for its users.

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