TikTok might support 15-minute-long videos in the future

According to some recent pieces of information, TikTok might support 15-minute-long videos in the future. If this happens, it will be a pretty big feature to be copied by other platforms. Currently, TikTok supports uploading 10-minute-long videos. It is quite strange that TikTok has long videos as compared to YouTube Shorts, where YouTube has long videos.

People use TikTok, anyway, to upload short videos, but you really need to start generating longer videos if you want to start earning money from them. It is a component of the more recent revenue plan that the company presented a few months ago. TikTok intends to concentrate on producing better-quality, longer-form content.

The above-mentioned information is leaked, so it should be taken with caution since it might never make its way to the stable version of the app. The source claims that TikTok may be considering raising the maximum video duration to a staggering 15 minutes, or 50% longer. Even though 15 minutes may not seem like much in a world where 10-hour YouTube videos are common, it’s still a very long time in the short-form video industry.

A user posted a screenshot of a TikTok update that showcases the option to upload videos of a 15-minute duration. Just ensure that your app is up to date. The source might have discovered this feature in the app’s code. There is no certainty whether the app will make it through this or not. All we have to do is wait until the news gets officially confirmed by the company.

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