TikTok is Sued in the United States for personal data theft

A US parliamentary committee on Tuesday called for an investigation into TikTok’s questionable privacy practices. The famous Chinese social network is more than ever in the field of view of the United States.

It’s not really the crazy love between TikTok and the United States. Frankly, it never really was. TikTok was banned in the United States under the Trump administration a few years ago. Recently, a US FCC commissioner even sent a letter to Apple and Google asking them to remove the application from their respective stores.

Now it’s the turn of US senators to tighten the noose around the social network, which is all the rage in China and around the world. A US parliamentary committee just asked on Tuesday for an investigation into questionable TikTok practices regarding the confidentiality of personal data. The pressure on the social network of the Chinese group ByteDance is increasing.

TikTok is under investigation in the United States

TikTok has been at the center of controversy in the United States after a BuzzFeed article appeared in mid-June. The newspaper in question then alleges that several ByteDance employees in China — the group that owns TikTok — have repeatedly accessed non-public data on various US social network users TikTok then confirmed this information and tried to reassure the various US elected officials in the process.

But unsuccessfully, as the president and vice president of the United States Senate Intelligence Committee called for an “apparent deception” investigation. According to them, “employees in China had full access to information about US users, such as birth dates, phone numbers, and other authentication details.” An important problem, because In particular, Chinese law requires companies in the country to share their data if the Beijing government requires it.

TikTok is trying to defend itself, and a spokesperson for the application responded, assuring that “TikTok has never shared data about US users with the Chinese government, and it never would. He asked.” In mid-June, the Chinese social network already announced that all data of American users of the application is now stored on Oracle group servers in the United States. Case follows….