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TikTok & European Union Joined Hands To Curb Fake News

After CEO Kevin Mayer pledged to do more in a call with Thierry Breton, TikTok is to become the latest platform to join the EU’s fight against fake news.

The EU’s digital watch-keeper, Breton, tweeted that he had a “chat” with Mayer:

“Good conversation with Kevin Mayer, CEO of #TikTok

Entertaining millions, TikTok has a role to play against #disinformation, especially in the fight (COVID-19)

I invite major platforms to subscribe to the EU #CodeOfPractice to address the spread of fake news & improve transparency.”

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Reuter stated:

“Breton in the last two months has held video conferences with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Google CEO Sundar Pichai, Apple CEO Tim Cook and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to promote his campaign against fake news and other issues.”

The EU’s VP for Principles and Openness, Vera Jourova, announced in a news conference today that TikTok will be entering the EU’s voluntary code of conduct to help fight fake news. It joins Google , Facebook, Mozilla and Twitter.

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The news follows EU calls for firms such as Facebook , Google and Twitter to report to the EU monthly on their fight against fake news. Concern has been raised about the effect on the economy of false news and disinformation, as well as the health of democracy and indeed public health. It emerged that support for vaccination by German citizens had fallen by 20 per cent over the course of two months.

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