TikTok ad Spending by Apple Demonstrates Hope for the App’s Future

TikTok is facing investigations and controversy regarding its data security policy. Besides all this, Apple is one of the top ad spenders on the platform. As per a report from the Financial Times, there are top dour companies that spend the most on ads. Among those four companies, Apple is one top company that spends the most on ads on TikTok. The three other top companies are Amazon, Pepsi, and DoorDash.

It could be possible that Apple had paid for the ads before the investigation by Congress was initiated. Since ad spending requires paying out months in advance. According to analysts, none of the top companies seems to be pulling ads from the social media platform.

China is making fun of American TikTok worries

Another report indicates that possibly Chinese state Media is making fun of the US concerns over TikTok. According to the nonpartisan Partnership for Securing Democracy, there has been an upsurge in posts with an antagonistic tone concerning TikTok.

As per the agency, Chinese diplomats and state media have talked about the social media app about 200 times alone in the March 20 and March 26, 2023 time period. The same accounts were reported to have said less about the company (nearly 150 times) over the time frame of January and February 2023. A sizeable increase is evident in this case.

The content included in these posts alleges Congress of technical hypocrisy, illiteracy, and xenophobia. When asked if his app connects to users’ WiFi like every other app on their phone, TikTok CEO replied that it does. Not to mention the fact that American companies like Facebook and Google are doing the same thing with user data with essentially no consequences. China thus has a point in this.

Will the US ever completely outlaw TikTok? Probably not. Yet, China is also acting hypocritically in this situation since they have blocked nearly all US websites and services in their nation like Google, Twitter, Facebook, and others sites.