Tiger Force Seized 800 Sacks of Sugar Worth PKR 4 Million

Tiger Force seized 800 sacks of sugar worth PKR 4 million. The recent raids were maid in Gujar Khan and rest areas on the Motorway.

Tiger Force

Tiger Force

The Prime Minister’s Tiger Force conducted another raid where they found 800 sugar sacks worth more than PKR 4 million.

This recent raid was made in collaboration with the local authorities on the motorway rest areas. The hoarders were charging an excess amount of the essential commodities.

Besides imposing fines, the authorities arrested several responsible persons. The fines charged ranged up to PKR 40,000.

In addition to this, the Prime Minister’s Tiger Force also conducted a raid in Gujar Khan. The force discovered more than 800 sugar sacks worth over PKR 4 million. These sugar sacks will now be sold at a lower cost at the sahulat bazaars.

As per PM’s advice, the Tiger Force also presented their monthly report on Saturday.

According to the information, the PM’s force had seized different commodities worth more than PKR 144 million. Fines worth more than PKR 51.4 million have also been imposed on the accused parties. Additionally, some 1,288 First Information Reports (FIRs) were also registered and some 1,200 were arrested.

The information also added that 25,000 sacks of sugar weighing around 1,300 tons were seized in total. These seized products which worth more than PKR 100 million.

These raids were all made during April to October, this year.

A few weeks back, the PM of Pakistan advised his force to take the necessary steps to help the government fight corruption and some additional tasks.

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