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Three Teslas Were Stolen From A Dealership In Virginia

Early Friday morning, a group of robbers stole three Tesla cars from a dealer in Fairfax County, Virginia. Police were immediately alerted to what was going on and a chase followed involving all three vehicles. 

According to NBC4 Washington and WTOP News sources, police attempted to block one driver when they tried to drive onto an interstate highway. The car crashed quickly as it tried to evade police, causing the thief to escape on foot.

Although the thief got away, it was not so fortunate for passengers — or even accomplices — who happened to be in the car to be arrested at the scene.

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NBC4 reports:

“Officers tried to pull over the Tesla and a pursuit began, police say. Eventually, one of the drivers crashed on Leesburg Pike near the Beltway and ran away, police said.

The drivers of two other Teslas continued southbound on the highway and eventually left the cars near Route 236 and tried to outrun officers, police say.

A third suspect got away. Fairfax County Police say there were an unknown number of passengers in two of the cars.”

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Tesla vehicles are usually rarely stolen as opposed to other car brands. Tesla vehicles are 90 per cent less likely to be stolen than other cars, according to a study from the Highway Loss Data Institute (HLDI) from August 2019. And while this may definitely have anything to do with some of the built-in safety mechanisms of Tesla, there are also other factors at hand.

As a final point, you might recall a video from 2018 which showed thieves stealing a Model S with a key fob hack. It’s worth noting, though, that Tesla has a few layers of security — such as requiring a four-digit pin — that the Model S owner in question didn’t employ at the time of the theft.

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