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Three Known Medicines Recalled over Adulteration

A public notice has been issued by the Provincial Drug Control Authority (PDCU) to recall certain high blood pressure medicine over adulteration.

All the pharmacies, medical stores, the distributors as well as the health facilities have been directed by the authority to remove these medicines. Specific batches of 2.5 mg Byscard or Nebivolol has been recalled and its dispensation is to be stopped immediately.

It is said that two batches of 2.5 Byscard that is 1059 and 0360 will be adulterated with metronidazole and diloxanide.

At the drug testing laboratory in Rawalpindi, different batches of the tablet were dispatched for normal analysis.

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The above-mentioned batches did not give any response during the test to the analytical method of the manufacturer. The other medicines that were recalled were Metodine DF and 50 mg Gravinate.

Consumers and patients have been asked not to use the mentioned batches of medicines. They can cause health issues and thus must not be used. Byscard is prescribed by many physicians to treat hypertension.

Thus, if your doctor prescribes you this or you buy it to treat hypertension, don’t use it now as it can pose risk to your health.