Threads reached 100 million users in just a week

Threads app

It goes without saying that Elon Musk’s radical alterations to Twitter have sparked the emergence of numerous new applications, like Meta’s attempt at Threads, which has now topped 100 million users just a few days after its introduction.

The app reached this amazing milestone in just five days, according to a report from Quiver Quantitative Threads Tracker, largely because of its integration with Instagram, which made it incredibly convenient for the platform’s billions of users to sign up—aside from those who reside in the European Union, where the app is not yet available.

Additionally, CEO Mark Zuckerberg actively informs users of the app’s growth statistics. In just 7 hours after its release, the app had attracted more than 10 million users, and by Thursday morning, that number had risen to 30 million.

Unbelievable engagement metrics

Threads has not only seen extraordinary user growth, but it has also seen astounding engagement numbers. According to a recent study, users had shared over 95 million posts and given 190 million likes on the network as of Thursday morning.

Early success of Threads

Although threads have led to its early success, it is still at an early stage in terms of feature development. Platform is missioning out some basic features. Limited accessibility options, the inability to add alternative language to photos for people who use screen readers, and imperfect search capabilities are a few examples.

Furthermore, users who want to follow posts from friends and relatives are constrained by Threads’ lack of a chronological feed. Users should rest assured that the company is actively working on rolling out chronological feeds soon.

However, Threads’ popularity as a social conversation-based social media network and the company’s decision to not support political or extreme news content hint that the website may be able to distinguish itself from Twitter.

Politics and hard news will unavoidably appear on Threads; they do so to some degree on Instagram as well, but we won’t take any steps to promote those verticals. Sports, music, fashion, beauty, and entertainment are just a few lively groups that may survive without getting involved in politics or breaking news, according to Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri.

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