Threads is now available on web

Since this thread came in several weeks ago, after a hike, it’s been losing followers constantly. It looks like this reason isn’t enough to stop Meta from adding more functionality to the platform. Threads is now available on the web. This was a very demanding feature, as most people use the platform on mobile devices but are still unable to log on using a computer.

Threads is now available on the web

The Threads online experience is rather simple, as you might expect. Compared to Twitter, it’s basic. The feed occupies the centre of the screen as a thin column. It feels empty because there is bare space on either side of the feed.

The mobile version’s bottom navigation bar is moved to the top of the feed. At the top of the UI are buttons for Home, Search, New Post, Notifications, and Profile. In addition, the text area where you can begin a new post is located directly beneath that bar.

The button that calls up the primary dropdown menu may be found at the upper right of the user interface. You’ll use it to log out, read the About page, read your settings, and report posts.

You have the choice to change from the For You feed to the Following feed in the lower left corner. Just be aware that the feed will automatically transition back to the For You page when you reload the page. For those who dislike the For You feed, it will be a problem.

Signing in to the website is now possible. You can access the login page by clicking this link. Once you’ve done so, all you’ll need to start are your Instagram credentials. This update is still in the process of rolling out, and you’ll see it on the site soon.

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