Threads fixed its notification issues

As it tries to regain the huge viewership it had just after launching, Threads appears to be approaching its redemptive arc. As a result, it is providing its users with new features. Additionally, it is resolving problems that are harming its users. A recent report suggests that Threads has now resolved the annoying user-reported notification problem.

The problem at hand was post-notifications. You will receive a notification when someone makes a new post if you have new post notifications enabled. However, if you receive a notification about a response to that post, it will just redirect you back to the original location.

Threads fixed its notification issue

You’ll rely on notifications to stay up-to-date with postings from the people you follow. So, as you might think, most individuals have found this issue to be a nuisance. However, the company provided no information regarding when it was corrected. It most likely appeared in the most recent update of the Threads app, which was released on Friday. Whatever the case, it’s always satisfying to see unpleasant problems resolved.

It appears that threads are rising. X is currently having trouble retaining users. People will need a place to go because that app is about to become a completely paid platform. The two best possibilities now are Bluesky and Threads. Compared to X, both are rather basic, but Threads recently released a feature that free X users have been asking for.

People can now edit the posts they make in threads. Free X users have been waiting for this ever since Elon Musk made the promise of it more than a year ago. You have five minutes after posting to edit it before you can’t. Even though it’s not an hour, it’s still a useful function to have.

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