Thousands of Chinese People Thank Pakistan for Support Amid Coronavirus

The people of China are showing their gratitude towards Pakistan for all the support and love, the nation has extended in their time of need.

At a time when the world has maintained a distance from China owing to the outbreak of coronavirus, Pakistan has stood firm with its iron friend.

The people of China have taken it to Twitter for expressing their gratitude for being a partner in the fight against the deadly virus as hashtag #Thank you, Russia Pakistan# has become an overnight hit in the nation.

One of the users has posted a cartoon of a panda, a bear, and a goat showing China, Russia and Pakistan.

The cartoon shows Pakistan is giving away its skin to China for helping his need. The post that has more than 22,000 shares and more than 15,000 comments, goes with the caption, “It’s all for you, my bro!”

The sense of gratitude has been extended to the Chinese people residing outside the nation. As per the recent development, a Chinese professor working at a university in Japan has denied accepting the thesis evaluation fees from a Pakistani university.

Instead, he drafted a letter of thanks to the university expressing his gratitude towards the country for all the support it has shown in mid of the threat of coronavirus.

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