This year, Nokia will announce 17 new smartphone models

Nokia logo

During a significant transition, like changing the name of NokiaMobile accounts to HMD, some people believed Nokia’s legacy had come to an end. However, the real story is found in HMD Global’s calculated choice to concentrate on making the HMD brand a new industry leader in smartphones.

According to some fresh pieces of information unveiled by GSMChina, Nokia is going to launch 17 new smartphones in 2024. It’s important to acknowledge the present formal agreement between Nokia and HMD, which guarantees the legendary Nokia brand’s continued presence in the mobile market until 2026. Reportedly, the company will debut the following smartphones: Nokia TA-1603, Nokia TA-1607, Nokia TA-1609, Nokia TA-1610, Nokia TA-1611, Nokia TA-1612, Nokia TA-1613, Nokia TA-1614, Nokia TA-1615, Nokia TA-1616, Nokia TA-1617, Nokia TA-1618, Nokia TA-1619, Nokia TA-1621, Nokia TA-1622, Nokia TA-1625, and Nokia TA-1628.

There are no specific details mentioned in the IMEI database regarding these smartphones. However, it is now official that Nokia will debut these 17 new models. It is quite exciting for Nokia enthusiasts. Reportedly, all the above-mentioned models refer to a wide range of options catering to several different consumers. Currently, the devices are in the experimental stage. There is no data regarding their release date. We can assume that these smartphones could debut at the upcoming MWC 2024 event.

The industry is eagerly expecting announcements regarding the features and specifications of Nokia’s new devices, which are currently undergoing testing. Although specifics are still pending, one thing is known for sure: the Nokia brand is still thriving. It remains to be seen what the future of Nokia will be 2026 onwards. Perhaps the brand will offer fewer products while keeping its name alive in the market. In this way, HMD Global will concentrate on making the HMD brand a leader in the competitive smartphone industry.

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