This feature will improve Screen Sharing on WhatsApp

Throughout the year, Meta has introduced several new features and improvements to its messaging platform, WhatsApp. One of the notable features is the screen-sharing feature. The feature is quite helpful since it has great usability, like connecting with friends, family, and colleagues or simply sharing media files. According to some recent pieces of information, the company is going to make this feature even more useful.

Reportedly, users could also share audio during screen sharing. The information was revealed through the APK teardown of the app by folks at Android Authority. The fresh code can be found inside the latest beta version of the app. So, there is a possibility that it could arrive sooner. Given the fact that it is an unannounced feature, the above-mentioned information must be taken with a grain of salt since the feature might not be released to the public.

With screen sharing on WhatsApp, users might share device audio

The beta testing program for WhatsApp is fully occupied. It gives users access to new and experimental features. Given the latest information, users could stream audio along with video when screen sharing. The code indicates a simple description of the new feature.

Currently, there are no details on when this feature will arrive in the stable version of the app. Given how much demand there is for this feature, the corporation is probably going to offer it. As it was found in the app’s beta version, it can take some time before you can check it out for yourself.

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