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Thieves caught on camera stealing a Tesla Model S

Stealing a Tesla

Stealing a Tesla isn’t as hard apparently. A Tesla owner who recorded thieves taking his Model S by hacking the passive entry system has published the video on YouTube so we would all be able to watch (and learn).

It demonstrates the lawbreakers utilizing a tablet to obviously catch the passive signal from his keyfob, at that point utilizing the information to open the vehicle.

Amusingly, the thieves were stealing a Tesla but couldn’t make sense of how to disengage the charging cable (indicate: there’s a button). So they didn’t drive off as fast as they have could essentially in light of this fact.

Tesla has as of late executed highlights to deflect passive entry robbery, yet the owner timidly conceded he didn’t utilize them. To be specific, he neglected to enact the “PIN to drive” feature that requires a further code before you can drive off.

He additionally left passive entry – which opens the auto when you stroll up to it with the fob- empowered, despite the fact that it was parked outside. He likewise didn’t utilize a “Faraday pouch” to store the fob, which would have kept the crooks from seizing the signals.

Tesla vehicles are once in a while stolen contrasted with different models, yet a rash of late UK burglaries may have been pulled off in a comparable manner.

All things considered, in case you’re leaving your Tesla outside, it’s exceedingly fitting to empower PIN to drive and to disable passive entry. The keyless entry system can easily be manipulated.

In any occasion, as Kennedy brings up, “that doesn’t negate the fact that I’m a victim of theft and these two should be caught.”

In other news, Tesla Model 3 has seen a boost in production and delivery.


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Image via Tesla