These Are the Richest Countries in the World

There are 200 countries in the world that generate trillions each year. Let us look at these ranking, comparison of currencies of different countries, based on the International Monetary Fund.

Qatar stands as the top country generating $124,930 GDP per capita. It is a small Middle Eastern country and the world’s richest country, according to IMF.  The country has the lowest prices of hydro-carbon but the revenue comes from fuel.

Luxembourg has a population of approximately 600,000 and is ranked as the second richest country by generating $109,190. It has a strong workforce and its growth in 2016 exceeded the growth of the overall European Union’s growth.

Singapore’s GDP increase by 2.7% each year. As global electronics trade rebounded, the country continues to increase. The country generates $90,530 per capita. The economic growth of the country is based on its expert oriented fields.

Brunei, making a revenue of $76,740 from oil and gas which makes up to ninety percent of the revenue.

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Ireland stands as one of the five top richest countries of the world making up to $72,630.

Norway is another country that stood up after its downfall and worked on its unemployment issue as well. It was affected by the lower oil prices as well but recovered soon.

Kuwait is an oil-based country, but it faced slower economic growth due to lower production in oil. Fortunately, it is still counted as the richest country by generating a revenue of $69,670.

The United Arab Emirates makes $68,250, an economy pushed by oil market. The country of 10 million is expected to rise in coming years.

Switzerland is recovering from its loss from the central bank of $52 billion. Its reached growth by 1 ½% in 2016.

Hong Kong is the tenth richest country that makes $61,020. The reduction in global trade and tourism from China led to its lower growth but still picked up its pace in next years.

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