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There is No Shortage of Petrol or Diesel; Clarifies Petroleum Division

shortage of petrol or diesel

The Petroleum Division has given out a clarification, denying the media reports about the shortage of petroleum products. It said that there is enough stock of petrol and diesel for meeting the requirements of the 15-day needs of the nation.

The spokesman of the Petroleum Division said that a significant surge has been observed in the sales of the POL products during the span of last 2 days, that is on the 1st and 2nd of May, owing to a significant drop in the fuel prices, for which the petrol pumps had not acquired the products from the petroleum companies.

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The spokesman added that there are suffieciney stocks of both petrol and diesel for looking after the needs of the country. He indicated that 285,000 MTs of petrol and 350,000 MTs of high speed diesel is available in useable stocks.

Besides that 2 tankers of PSO, one of petrol and the other one of diesel, carrying nearly 50,000 MTs of petrol and 55,000 MTs of diesel respectively have reached and is going to be stocked at Keemari Port and Port Qasim.

He also said that hence, the general public must not get into the activity of stocking up the items, as the stocks of the petroleum products are available in the nation. He further mentioned that the Petroleum Division is working actively to facilitate the public via dedicated teams for ensuring the supply and availability of the gas and oil throughout the nation.

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