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The World’s Most Expensive Motorcycle Harley Davidson Blue Edition

The Swiss Jewelry and Watches company Bucherer in collaboration with Bundnerbike who makes Harley Davidson motorcycles has developed a unique Harley Davidson, the Blue Edition which costs $1.79 million.

This makes it the world’s most expensive motorcycle (bike), Bucherer now offers this motorcycle on their website, with product details, however, buyers cannot directly purchase it as they do in an online shopping environment.

Inspired by the notion, measuring not only time but also space, the Harley Davidson is based on style and attitude. The Blue Edition is customized by hand in Maienfeld. The Motorcycle contains 360 diamonds in it and has gold-plated screws, not only this two safes integrated into the tank also contain one-of-a-kind watch from Carl F.

Everything which is metal on the motorcycle is produced, beaten, welded and polished by hand. The rims are custom made and throttle valves are gold-plated. The Harley Davidson Blue Edition will lit up from inside. The Cowhide saddle is sewn in Switzerland.

The dizzler rotating ring is mounted in the handgrips, further, a pair of Dizzler diamond rings can be found on the forks while a large ring is located in the left half of the tank.