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The World’s Biggest Miniature Airport is in Hamburg Germany

largest miniature airport

You must have heard about the largest airports in the world, also the largest plane in the world, but have you heard about the World’s biggest Miniature Airport? You might have seen various model cities, and other models in Legoland and Disney theme parks but this miniature airport model in Hamburg Germany is one of its kind.

Knuffingen Airport is a part of ”Miniatur Wunderland” in Germany which consists of miniature railway model and the airport model. The model spreads across 2300 meter square/24,757 square feet and it is likely to be extended with new sections, the final construction on the model is expected in 2020.

The entire “Miniatur Wunderland” is a big project with replica cities, airports, railways, Austria, Hamburg, United States, and Italy are already constructed, where England, France, and Africa are planned until 2028.

The Knuffingen Airport is a replica of Hamburg airport if someone makes a close video or take pictures of this miniature airport you may not be able to judge that the airport is real or fake.  It is the real miniature wonder to watch, if you visit Germany you must pay a visit to this place and see how it feels from above what our world is doing.