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The World after Coronavirus – Here are all the Predictions

The world after coronavirus will not be the same as the world before coronavirus. This novel virus has shaken up the whole world. It has hit the world so hard that it will never be the same again. In this article, we will give all the predictions of a world after coronavirus.

Everything will be Virtual

Every and anything possible from home will be done from home. Schools will start focusing on virtual learning. New apps will be created to promote virtual learning. And this will not just be confined to educational institutions. Every business right now is looking for a possibility of work from home. In a world after coronavirus employers will be okay with the idea of work-from-home.

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Surveillance, More Surveillance

In a world after coronavirus privacy will be disregarded more than ever. Surveillance will be enhanced as tech companies are already working with their respective governments to track virus transmission trends. In a world after coronavirus, there will be more surveillance to keep track of activities and ensure that such a virus does not outbreak again.

Localistion or Globalization?

Even though COVID-19 has created panic globally, it has also made countries realize that they can not depend on each other to be the savior. At the end of it, every country has to be self-sufficient to save themselves from any crisis.

A shift in Global Dominance

COVID-19 has proven that there is a shift in World Order. Power has shifted from West to East. The countries that have coped best against this virus are China, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan while the countries most affected are Italy, Spain, U.S, UK. So what would this mean to world order after coronavirus? It clearly indicates that the East will dominate the West in the future.

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