The Weeknd Shows Up At AMAs with his face Covered with Bandages

The Weeknd

This year, the Weeknd showed up at the American Music Awards 2020 with his fully covered with bandages.

While some fans were worried for the singer, many of his fans are aware if his award night get-ups that he puts on to send a louder message about his music.

According to the details, accepting the American Music Award for Favorite Album Soul/R&B for After Hours, the singer walked on the stage with his face completely bandaged.

As per Just Jared, he was spotted shooting a music video previously this month with bandages on his face which gave fans an indication that he could be dropping a new video soon.

This wasn’t the first time The Weeknd left fans confused with his get-up as back in August at the VMAs, the singer arrived with a bloodied face to promote the message embedded in his tracks; After Hours and Blinding Lights.

His song Blinding Lights is about how you want to see someone at night, and you’re intoxicated, and you’re driving to this person and you’re just blinded by streetlights. But there is nothing that could stop you from trying to go see that person because you’re so lonely. The singer added that he never wanted to promote drunk driving, but that’s what the dark hint is.

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