The view once mode on WhatsApp will now work with audio messages

Several times, there are messages in our chats that we wish to be viewed by others. The famous messaging platform WhatsApp supports this feature with photos and video messages. As part of a recent development, the feature will now add support for audio messages as well. Yes, you read it right. The View Once mode will be available with voice notes on WhatsApp.

Notably, the feature is under development. The message will vanish instantly after use, preventing anyone else from accessing it. You will need to ask the sender to transmit it again if you would like to see it again. We are all aware of the fact that WhatsApp supports text-based messages, photos, videos, and audio messages.

The new option will appear while recording a voice note. Before sending, clicking the icon will put the message in View Once mode. The recipient will not be able to download, record, or forward the message once it has been sent. In the chat, it exists and perishes.

Since the original sender cannot access the recording, the mode works both ways. Although this is a drastic measure to protect privacy, most people will find it useful. You never know what someone else will do with a message you send them. Currently, the feature is under testing with a limited number of beta users. It will take time before making it to the stable version of the app. However, the feature is rolling out to more beta testers.

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