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The US Student Visa Services for Pakistanis to Resume from Oct 1

US Student Visa Services

The United States mission in Pakistan on Monday said that the student visa services for Pakistan would be resuming from the 1st of October after the services were suspended owing to the coronavirus pandemic.

As per the reported statement, the services would begin at the embassy of the United States in the federal capital and the US Consulate General in Karachi.

The student visas are a top priority, the US mission statement said that and also added that it would try making every effort in order to assist the student visa applicants on time and with as much safety as possible.

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The statement further indicated that at any provided time, about 8,000 students from Pakistan, study at the universities and colleges across the US and that it looked forward to inviting others who were in the mood of getting the American educational experience.

It also said that the applicants are needed to wear masks and maintain social distancing as part of the safety protocols to combat COVID-19.

It further added that the processing of the other visa categories would also be resumed as soon as they could. Applicants could visit the website of the US mission in order to learn whether they quantify for an emergency appointment.

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