The US Ranked Most Expensive Country for Vital Medicines


The prescription drugs in the United States are ranked the most expensive. This is as per a report that was published this week. The average cost of medications in the US exceeds the worldwide median price by around 300%.

Medbelle, a digital healthcare provider in the United Kingdom conducted a study that revealed substantial differences in drug prices prescription globally.

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The most expensive countries for vital medicines are the United States followed by Germany and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The cheapest countries for prescription drugs are Kenya and Malaysia.

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A press release revealing the results of the study said, “The medications chosen for comparison span a variety of common conditions: from heart disease and asthma to anxiety disorders and erectile dysfunction.”

Adding, “The average prices of both the brand compound and their generic versions were included in order to have a complete profile of each medication.”

There is quite a long list of potentially life-saving medicines that are extremely expensive in the US in comparison to the rest of the world.

Cholesterol and cardiovascular drug Lipitor is 2,175% more expensive in the US in comparison to the global median. The same is the case for Zithromax, Xanax, Insulin and other medications.

Daniel Kolb, co-founder and managing director at Medbelle said, “Americans pay around five and a half times more than the global median for life-saving [insulin].”

Adding, “To put it into perspective, imagine if an everyday item like a gallon of milk cost $3.50 in Canada, but $22.85 across the border in the US.”

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