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The US Donates Pakistan 100 more Ventilators


On Thursday, Pakistan received a donation of a hundred more ventilators from the Government of the United States. The US government is fully supporting Pakistan in fighting against the coronavirus pandemic.

A ceremony was held at Islamabad where Paul Jones the US ambassador to Pakistan handed over the ventilators to Lieutenant General Muhammad Afzal Chairman (NDMA) National Disaster Management Authority.

In the ceremony, Chairman NDMA Afzal said that the government is also upgrading the hospitals in the country in order to facilitate every single coronavirus patient.

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Moreover, he added that additional beds and ventilators are being installed in all the hospitals in the country.

The National Disaster Management Authority is obtaining all the important equipment that is required to deal with the global pandemic said, Muhammad Afzal.

The country received the donation of the ventilators on the 28th of July and soon they will be installed in the hospitals all over Pakistan.

These supplies have been donated to President Trump’s generous offer to support Pakistan in fighting against the deadly virus.

According to Paul Jones US ambassador to Pakistan, the United States of America is going to help Pakistan in the struggle against COVID-19. The US-made ventilators are going to help COVID-19 patients a lot especially those which are in severe conditions.

The US has already donated 100 brand new ventilators to Pakistan earlier on July 3.

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