The United States Will Deport 114 Pakistanis Today

114 Pakistanis will be deported from the United States today.

According to details, diplomatic sources have said that 114 Pakistanis will be deported from the United States today because most of the Pakistanis’ immigration applications have been rejected.

The sources also confirmed that, some of the deportees have also been involved in criminal activities in the United States however; most of the people out of 114 are related to immigration issues. The private airline will take the passengers back to their country.

According to the details, Omni Air’s special plane carrying compatriots will arrive in Islamabad tomorrow, July 28. In this regard, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has allowed the US special charter plane to land at Islamabad Airport.

A special flight OAE 423 will arrive in Islamabad from Sofia via the United States carrying 114 Pakistanis being deported. The official permit has been issued on the direction of CAA to land the plane in Islamabad after being requested by the US High Commission. The State Department has been informed about the Pakistanis deported from the United States. According to the CAA, the crew of the plane will not be allowed to land at the airport under the SOP.

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