The UK is the fourth region to support Tap to Pay on iPhone

Apple introduced the Tap to Pay service back in February 2022. Using the Tap to Pay feature, users can accept payments on compatible iPhones through Apple Pay. It is a contactless credit and debit card payment system that doesn’t require any additional hardware or credit card machine. The only requirement is an iPhone.

Reportedly, the company has introduced the Tap to Pay feature in another region i.e., in the United Kingdom. Thus, indicating that the users of the UK will have access to a new payment terminal. Tap to Pay feature on iPhone is based on NFC technology. NFC tech authenticates the contactless payments. In addition to this, the Tap to Pay feature also supports PIN codes including accessibility options.

“We’ve seen how Tap to Pay on iPhone has transformed the method of payment for numerous kinds of enterprises, and we’re overjoyed to now support retailers across the U.K. by providing an easy, safe, and private way to process contactless payments using the power, safety, and comfort of iPhone, with no extra hardware required,” said Jennifer Bailey, Apple’s vice president of Apple Pay and Apple Wallet. He further added that small and medium-sized businesses have long been essential to the UK economy. With the help of payment networks, platforms, and app developers, we’re making it simpler than ever for UK companies to take contactless payments and expand their operations.

In the UK, Revolut and Tyl will be the first platforms to support the tap to Pay feature on iPhone. The service will be provided in collaboration with Adyen, Dojo, myPOS, Stripe, Viva Wallet, Worldline, SumUp, and Zettle by PayPal. In the upcoming weeks, the feature will be introduced to Apple Store locations in the U.K.

In order to use this feature, a user must have iPhone XS or a new model. It is as easy to operate as any other Apple Pay transaction. Using the feature requires merchants to open the app and register the sale. Afterward, the device can be handed over to buyers who would select their preferred method of contactless payment.

The feature is accessible to around 700,000 companies in the US. It is also supported in Apple Stores in the U.S. After US, Apple introduced the service in Australia and Taiwan. Now the UK is the fourth country to have access to the Tap to Pay feature.