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The U.S. Receives Record 6.65 Million Unemployment Benefits Applications

In the United States a record number of people roughly 6.65 million claim unemployment Benefits From now on, according to the recent unemployment data the unemployment allowances in the United States have reached the highest level in the country’s history.

According to the details provided by the BBC, the number of Americans applying for government aid during unemployment has reached about 6.6 million and 50 thousand.

The US economy is under severe pressure from the recent Coronavirus epidemic. The actual number is believed to be much higher because many people have mentioned problems filling out the online application. Some people said the online application form was inaccessible or it takes too much time to load and proceed.

Source BBC

It is also worth noting that some types of jobs, including part-time jobs, are not eligible for this assistance. The latest figures are up from last week’s record, 3.3 million. There is no example of this chaos in recent American history, and many state offices suffer from overwork because of an increase in claims. Vehicle companies in the United States have halted their production and air travel has dropped dramatically. According to economists, 20% of working Americans are in lockdown.

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