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The U.S. is ranked among World’s Worst Places to Live in


Due to the increasing cost of living, health care, and education, U.S has been ranked among the world’s worst places to live in.

A survey was conducted on 20,000 expatriates who represented 182 nationalities. 5 overall criteria pillars, 48 factors, and 17 subcategories were used to rank the countries.

Per location, the sample size was of at least 75 survey participants. Expats from all over the world rated the quality of life, ease of selling in, working abroad, family life and personal finance.

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In the survey, the U.S. ranked 47th out of a total of 64 countries. Vietnam replaced Bahrain as the top place to work abroad. The countries with a higher quality of life were Portugal, Spain, and Taiwan. Finland was ranked as the best place to move with a family.

In the U.S., one-in-three expats claimed that though their income increased, it was overshadowed by their higher daily expenses. Childcare and healthcare cost made the U.S. unsuitable for living.

About the U.S. school system, a French expat said, “If you have kids, their education will cost a fortune.”

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Safety was another factor that pushed the U.S’s ranking down. Only 69% of expats reported feeling safe in the U.S. compared to the 81% average worldwide.