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The Top 10 Biggest Retailers in the World

In this article, we will tell our readers about the top 10 retailers by the turnover globally. A recent report by the Institute for Real Growth (IRG)  conducted by the Kantar/WPP reveals the sheer scale of the businesses of the highest turnover companies.

Walmart in the number 1 retailer with $517bn global revenue. Walmart is still double the size of Amazon with higher market capitalization. Globally Walmart is expanding as 23% of the revenue comes from outside the U.S.

Amazon is the second biggest retailer with $213bn in revenue. Costco is the third biggest retailer with $144bn in sales. This revenue is generated from only 788 sites. 

The fourth-biggest retailer is a non-US entry i.e. Schwarz Group from Germany. It saw revenues of $130bn with 63% of revenue coming outside of Germany.

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Kroger from the U.S. is the fifth-biggest retailer with no global presence. The company generated $124bn in revenues from only 3,037 stores in the US.

The biggest pharmacy company in the world ‘Walgreens Boots Alliance’ from the U.S. is the 6th biggest retailer in the world with 13% sales coming from global businesses. The company generated $114bn in revenue.

Home Depot, is the 7th biggest retailer company in the world and the only home improvement company in the top 10. The sales of the company are worth $108bn.

Aldi from Germany is the 8th biggest retailer company. 70% of its sales are from outside of Germany. It’s 11,922 stores are estimated to generate $109bn sales.

Carrefour from France is the 9th biggest retailer in the world and the biggest supermarket chain in Europe. Its sales are around $101bn. from China is the 10th largest retailer in the world with sales of $94bn. Apple stood at 21st place, Ikea on 22nd while Alibaba at 25th place on the list.

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