The thermometer for the Google Pixel 8 Pro was exposed in a recent takedown video

The Pixel 8 Pro comes with a thermometer that is included for some technical analysis. Recently, the thermometer was unveiled by a YouTuber in a teardown video by the YouTuber, Jerry Rig Everything. Currently, the functionality of the thermometer is limited. It can’t read human body temperature since it lacks FDA approval and there are no details on when users will have access to this feature.

Information about the Google Pixel 8 Pro Thermometer as revealed by the disassembly video

The teardown video reveals that the Thermometer is not part of the camera system of the device. It is an individual component that has nothing to do with the camera module that accompanies the three (50MP main sensor, the 48MP ultra-wide sensor, and the 48MP telephoto sensor) sensors.

Jerry highlights in this teardown video that two of the three components of the rear camera module have optical image stabilization. Removing the rear camera reveals the thermometer, which is located independently of the rear cameras. This is because the Pixel 8 series opens from the screen, so users may view the rear cameras before the thermometer.

The flashlight sits just above the thermometer. Although the thermometer is quite small, it has immense functions. Compared to the back cameras, the thermometer is closer to the back panel. Sadly, users don’t have access to all features of the sensor since the FDA has not authorized it yet. The feature might be available to users in the coming months. The feature will be unlocked as soon as the company gets approval for this from the FDA. Currently, the feature is locked and inaccessible to users.

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