The Street View app by Google could leave by 2023

Putting projects on the back, worsening the projects, or completely killing them.

When it comes to such things, this norm has been attributed to Google.

This act has become so ordinary and conventional that a website is specifically dedicated to tracking such incidents.

In accordance with some recent software updates, it seems like the Street View app could be gone by 2023, considering the update is accurate.

As per 9to5Google, the recent software update for the Street View app with version was available on Google Play Store. The warning states that the app will be killed off by March 2023. Although, Google recently celebrated 15 years of the Street View app. Similarly, the feature of Photo Paths is also going away. This feature enabled the users to share photos of less traveled areas. if this happens, we will be left with no replacements or alternatives.

Street View app

It is a dedicated app for users that wish to dive deep into the world. It is based on 360-degree photos and videos of locations from all around the world. Additionally, the app allows users to add their own 360-degree images.

Well, if you thought that Street View is also going away from Google Maps, then just don’t worry the recent update only applies to the dedicated app.

Though, this news came by breaking down the recent update for the app. We might expect things could change. But if considered the opposite it would definitely be a sad end to an amazing app. Although, the feature will be available on Google Maps in one form or another.

Well, you still have some time left to enjoy the app before it goes away.

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