The stories feature will be available on Telegram by next month

Stories are temporary videos and images that a user shares with their friends and followers. It is a well-known feature available on Snapchat, Instagram, and some other social media platforms. Well, it looks like that another social media platform is ready to acquire this feature. Reportedly, the next in line for the stories feature is Telegram.

Recently, the CEO of Telegram Pavel Durov announced that a stories feature is coming soon on Telegram. The CEO declared the recent development on his Telegram channel. According to the CEO, Stories are the most requested feature. It accounts for half of the feature requests. “At first, we opposed this because there are already so many stories. Though, Durov said, “Telegram wouldn’t be Telegram if we didn’t respond to our users and innovate on tried-and-true models.

How will the Stories feature work on Telegram?

Well, the feature will work in a similar manner as it does on other platforms. Users could be able to share stories on their accounts. Given the fact that stories are present on every platform, Telegram is adding a few unique elements to Stories. A Story’s expiration period can be set by users to 6, 12, 24, or 48 hours. The majority of apps delete Stories after 24 hours.

Additionally, Telegram will allow users to create lists with various contacts for each Story, in contrast to Instagram, which has one public feed for Stories and another for Close Friends. This implies that you can create separate Stories for your coworkers and your closest pals.

The feature will appear on the top of chats. Users will be able to respond and react to stories. Furthermore, users can also repost content from a channel on Stories. All these changes are expected to roll out soon probably by next month. Even the team’s skeptics, according to Durov, “came to appreciate this function. Without it, we can hardly perceive Telegram.