The Sony Xperia 1 VI is expected to come pre-installed with in-camera authenticity technology

Sony is all set to outperform the flagship smartphone debuted by rivals like Samsung. We are all aware of the fact that South Korean tech giant Samsung is preparing for the Galaxy S24 series launch. Concerning the specs, the Galaxy S24 Ultra will be the most powerful member of the series. Reportedly, the upcoming flagship smartphone by Sony will debut with a titanium frame and next-gen Gorilla Glass Victus. Given the type of cameras it is said to have, the VI (or Mark 6) is now also believed to be ready to take on the particular difficulties that devices of its era would inevitably encounter.

In a recent announcement, the company shared that the problems with altered and manipulated images generated via generative AI will be ultimately resolved. The OEM has teamed up with the Associated Press to make sure that its “in-camera authenticity tech” is almost ready to go since it feels that the “dissemination” of this information through the media is especially harmful to society.

As soon as an image is captured through the camera’s hardware in the chipset, a machine-based digital signature will be generated with the help of new technology. According to the company, each image will have a birth certificate that authenticates that the image was captured by a real person. The new development is rated to generate “machine-based digital signatures” from “inside the camera at the moment of capture in the hardware chipset.” Sony asserts that each one comprises a “birth certificate” for a given image, thus (ideally) proving they were taken by a real person in authentic settings.

Next year, in spring, the new feature that enables users to create images with signatures will be rolled out to a7S III, a9 III, and alpha 1 via a software update. In addition to these, the Xperia 1 VI and the 5 VI will also feature it in their official releases.

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