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The Significance of Being Socially Responsible

social responsibility

Social responsibility is an ethical design and proposes that the individual or an organization has a duty to act for the benefit of the society at large.

It is a duty that is a must on all to perform for maintaining a balance between the economy and the community.

No discussion on ethics could be concluded without having to add something on social responsibility. Being socially responsible indicates both the management of personal skills and social awareness—that is of the decisions made by an individual that affects others.

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Individual social responsibility refers to the awareness of ones’ actions and their impact on the community as a whole. It could encompass giving money, standing up for the issues that affect the rights of others, making donations and volunteering time.

The concept of social responsibility has evolved with time, previously it was taken as the trade-off of social responsibility for profits—which means that for making profits, businesses had to harm the society if they must. This concept has been revamped and instead, social responsibility is now referred to as the premise in which the company and community are bonded together, and if one gets benefits, they both do.

In present times, more concentration is being placed on making the individuals socially responsible. Organizations and groups comprise of individuals and if these individuals are socially, ethically and morally responsible then that impacts on the overall performance and efficiency of the organization or group.

Being socially responsible makes one more credible, trustworthy and it helps in nurturing long term relationships.

To sum it all, being socially responsible is the need of time. If we want to prosper as an individual or as a community or as an employee to some organization, we need to take charge of our actions. We have to monitor and control our actions and execute them in such ways that are best both for us and for others.

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