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The Shift from Manual to Automatic Transmission Vehicles in Pakistan

The 80s, 90s kids in Pakistan grew up on Manual Cars. There were rarely any automatic cars in Pakistan at that point in time. Not knowing the exact statistics, but as per seen on the roads,  the ratio of automatic cars vs manual cars in Pakistan seems to be quite close now, with manual still in the lead.

The youngsters of today and the women, in general, prefer an automatic car over a manual one. But the hardcore drivers and men who actually enjoy driving will mostly say that the fun and thrill of actual driving can only be experienced in a manual car. If you are not changing gears, there is no usage of the clutch, then how can that be called real driving?

But the truth is that the world is shifting towards automatic cars and Pakistan is also witnessing more and more preference for an automatic car over the manual.

Can you imagine that less than 3% of the cars sold in the USA have a manual transmission? In Australia the statistics are almost same, people generally don’t own a manual car over there. In Europe & Asia even today manual cars have dominance over automatic cars but over the years this will shift. Because the world is moving towards totally autonomous cars, and so because of that manual transmission vehicles will lose their worth in upcoming years.

Automatic cars are being now preferred in Pakistan because they are more convenient. From changing gears to mastering clutch, the driver has to be fully active while driving a manual transmission car. The effort is more in manual driving. Whereas in the automatic car there is more flexibility and more freedom to drive. Today we see that more and more people in Pakistan are driving the cars themselves. The ratio of women driving cars in Pakistan has gone up tremendously. It is because due to the rise in automatic cars in Pakistan, driving has become simpler and easier.

Those who know how to drive a manual car will rarely prefer an automatic car over manual but the truth is that there is a shift towards automatic cars in Pakistan and it is only going to increase now.