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The Sherlock Star Would Not Take on a Role Unless His Female Co-Stars Are Paid the Same

The famous Benedict Cumberbatch has yet again proved that he is a gentle human being, although no such proof was needed.

In his most recent interview with Radio Times, the Sherlock star unveiled that he would only sign for any acting job if his female co-stars would be paid the same as himself.

He said that it is all about practising. He added that equal pay and a place at the table are the basic central beliefs of feminism. He said that ask what the woman is being paid if her amount is not the same as mine then the Sherlock star said he would deny doing that project.

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The actor mentioned that his new production firm is also focused on developing the female-led projects. Benedict Cumberbatch said that he is proud that his friend and business partner—Adam and himself are the only two men in his production firm. The next project that the production company is engaged in is a female story with a female lens regarding motherhood, in such a time of environmental disaster.

He added that half of the audience are women. He said that if the project is centred around my name, for getting investors then we could cause that attention for a portfolio of female projects.

Regarding diversity, Blank Panther is now the third most hit films of all the times.

He said the platform is there, it is all about facilitating the platforms for talent. If that could be achieved, then the combination would be flammable—world breaking and that is what his production company wants to do.

Just imagine that if other male actors take the same stand like Benedict Cumberbatch, gendered pay differences, at least in Hollywood would become a thing of the past.

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