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“The Secrets of Spring”: English novel written by a 15-year-old Pakistani

“The Secrets of Spring” a mystery novel written in the English language by a 15-year-old girl in Larkana, media reported on Monday.

“In the story, I focused on a girl named ‘spring’, there are many other characters in the novel but my favorite character is Marina”, Laraib Soomro, the writer of the novel said.

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During the launching ceremony of the book, the family members and friends have praised the hard work of Laraib. The ceremony was held in Larkana.

“Laraib is the student of 10th class, she managed to write a novel in the English language while she is a student. I feel very proud of being a father of a hard working girl,” her father said.

There is already a book exists with the name of “Secrets of the Springs” written by Australia’s most authentic rural writer. But, we are feeling proud that our people also have potential to pen their thoughts in a book for other people to read.