The Rising Trend of “Sehri” and “Iftari” at Restaurants in Pakistan

The trend of arranging “Iftaris” and “Sehris” at restaurants has kind of become the latest trend in Pakistan as almost every restaurant and food chain throughout the nation are offering various Ramazan deals on discounted rates to attract more customers.

As per a report on-aired by one private news channel, the outdoor tradition to go for “Sehri” and “Iftari” is getting more and more popular. Huge crowds are observed at the time of Iftar in restaurants and hotels as people want to make every day of this blessed month special.

The restaurants in order to make their business thrive have displayed the details of their respective menus with discounted rates for attracting more and more customers, as informed by one of the citizens who came to a hotel along with her family for some Sehri deal.

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Another housewife also said that the developing trend of doing Sehri and Iftari outside the home is good as people do not have enough time to make all the dishes meant to be served in Iftar.

As per a restaurant owner, many hotels and restaurants become lively and witnesses crowd after midnight as the trend is getting famous like wildfire. People are seen to be jumbled up in hotels and restaurants to enjoy the Ramazan meals.

The marketing manager of the hotel said that they try making quality food and maintaining the standards of food in Sehri. He said that they have reduced the use of spices in the Sehri meal items however, that has not compromised on the taste of food. He added that caution is practised for keeping the food hygienic.

Local hotels, food outlets and restaurants attract customers with family deals along with the food provided and the ambience, as mentioned by another citizen.

He also added that the trend of Iftar parties in on rise for some years across the country.

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